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Welcome to Kirkstall St Stephen's Website!

If you don't go to church, read on!  If you do, read on too!
We should like you to get to know us through our site, and we should like even more to make friends with you in person, so do:
  • join us in worshipping God at a service
  • come to one of our events
  • call to see one of us
  • ring us up
  • or send an email.
Our church serves a mixed residential and commercial suburb of Leeds which now has an increasing student population.  We welcome people of all ages to our services and varied selection of social events.  Our Parish Communion services include facilities for children and coffee is served in the vestry afterwards.
                                                                                                                                                                      Stephen Kaye

Please browse through this website.  You may well meet some of us in the local community, or find here someone who shares some of your interests.

History of St Stephen's
Christianity in Kirkstall
Richard Oastler (1789 - 1861)
St Stephen